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FEA Certified Fitness Practitioner – Personal Trainer (EQF Level 4) is now accredited by Europe Active (this means it meets the European Standards). It is the FIRST CPT certification in South East Asia accredited by Europe Active and so HAPPY that after years of delivering it, it is now internationally recognised! Graduates can have their names registered with the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS). 

About EuropeActive and EREPS

“More than just a PT certification”

This is a Job-Based Training & Certification Programme

The FEA CFP program aims to produce highly employable fitness professionals with a balance between academic focus and vocational learning. Assessed based on three major job competency areas:

✔️ Effective Exercise Demonstration & Coaching 

✔️ Deliver World Class PT Sessions

✔️ Ability to Work with Real-Life Clients

The FEA Certified Fitness Practitioner (EQF Level 4 – Personal Trainer)

The certification program consists of 3 modules. You will enjoy this new and highly efficient learning method with strong emphasis given to job skills development . In addition to the live workshop, you will have access to our electronic learning platform and materials that will allow you to learn at your own pace. Completing the CFP certification course will also prepare you to sit for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer certification exam. All in all, FEA-CFP graduates will not only meet the key competencies established by these world-class personal training examinations, but also possess stronger practical skills needed to excel in this industry.

Course Outcome

Exercise Technique for Fitness Professional


Fitness practitioners are expected to:
• build a solid understanding of exercise techniques
• learn how to describe the proper setup position for major exercises
• understand which joints provide stability during exercises
• articulate the necessary movements during execution phase
• receive training to assess exercise being performed correctly during repetitions

Fitness Instructor (Exercise Coaching)

Module 1

Fitness practitioners are expected to:
• enhance their ability to deliver clear and effective exercise instructions
• learn the FEA A.C.T Resistance Training Method for client progression
• acquire a comprehensive exercise collection for fundamental movements, organised by difficulty level
• gain the resource for fitness practitioners to recommend suitable exercises for clients
• learn about the FEA 4 Zones Cardiorespiratory Training Model tailored to their clients’ needs and objectives
• design purposeful routines for various skill levels, based on exercise science and internationally recognised training guidelines

Goal Based Programming

Module 2

Fitness practitioners are expected to:
• design and implement personalised programmes to help clients achieve their goals
• manage common client goals such as movement preparation, health, fitness, hypertrophy and fat loss
• leverage the FEA G.B.T Model with four key components: resistance training, cardiorespiratory training, lifestyle strategies and nutrition strategies
• effectively monitor and track client progress for program adjustments to ensure optimal results

Personal Trainer

Module 3

Fitness practitioners are expected to:
• possess a comprehensive understanding of applied exercise science and programming guidelines
• delve into the intricacies of human anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, bioenergetics, health physiology, behaviour change principles and communication techniques
• learn to minimise client injury risk and create safe training programmes based on scientific principles and evidence
• deliver exceptional results and gain industry credibility
• open doors for career advancement as a fitness professional

Exam Outline Domain

FEA Certified Fitness Practitioner – Personal Trainer (EQF Level 4)


Exercise Guidelines, Technique and Training Instruction (CFP Module1)

Upon completing the CFP Module 1 course,

  1. 60 Multiple Choice Questions
  2. Submit a video of yourself demonstrating exercises.
  3. Submit a video of yourself coaching exercises. 

Please download the COURSE DESCRIPTION BELOW to know more information.


Case Study Assignment ( CFP Module 2) 

You will have 120 minutes to complete the online proctored exam. You will be presented with a client scenario and you will need to demonstrate your understanding of FEA Goal-Based Training (G.B.T) Model by answering questions related to assessments, strategies and programming.

Compulsory Passing

Practical Summative Assessment (Module 2) : You will be evaluated in program implementation which includes: training methods and delivering a complete workout session.


100 Multiple Choice Questions (CFP Module 3),

Compulsory Passing

Live Case Study (Module 3) – Programme Design: You will have a real client. You will lead this client through the personal training process. Then, complete a guided report and submit by theory examination date.

  This is a revolutionary personal training certification which aims to produce fitness professionals with better practical skills in coaching client’s movement, implementing safe & effective exercise programmes and client management skills to match the diverse needs and expectations of clients.

These are indeed the key job competencies of a personal trainer in Asia.

Jerrican Tan, Creator of Certified Fitness Practitioner 


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